Louisiana Rules for ServSave

§305. Food Safety Certification [formerly paragraph 23:002-2]

A. The owner or a designated employee of each food establishment shall hold a "food safety certificate" from the department exclusively on behalf of that food establishment. The certificate shall be required to be renewed every five years. (click here for full Law)


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Mississippi Rules for ServSave

Rule 2.2.3 Chapter 2, Subpart 2-101.11: Assignment: The PERMIT HOLDER shall be the PERSON IN CHARGE or shall designate a PERSON IN CHARGE and shall ensure that a PERSON IN CHARGE is present at the FOOD ESTABLISHMENT during all hours of operation. The permit holder, or his/her designee, must have successfully completed a manager certification course approved by the Regulatory Authority. This course shall include knowledge as specified in 2-102.11. This shall be effective for any new facility from July 1, 1998. It shall be effective for existing facilities from January, 1999.