Louisiana Law For ServSafe

§305. Food Safety Certification [formerly paragraph 23:002-2]

A. The owner or a designated employee of each food establishment shall hold a “food safety certificate” from the department exclusively on behalf of that food establishment. The certificate shall be required to be renewed every five years.

1. For the purposes of this Section and §1901.D only, the term food establishment as defined in §101 of this Part shall additionally not include the following:

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i.

hour of food safety training each year as part of the three hours of mandatory yearly training required under the requirements of LAC 51:XXI.301.A.9. When the owner or a designated food service employee of a child care facility holds a valid Food Safety Certificate issued under the provisions of this Section, the holder of said certificate will be credited with three years of the mandatory yearly training required under LAC 51:XXI.301.A.9.

B. Any food establishments with food sales of less than $125,000 annually shall not be required to comply with this Section until July 1, 2002. However, any establishment may apply for such certificate prior to such date. Those food establishments permitted after July 1, 2002 shall comply with this Section within 60 days of permit issuance.

C. To obtain a department food safety certificate, the following is required.

1. The individual must complete a course provided by an approved training program. The department shall approve all training programs and shall maintain a list of these training programs. These programs shall include, but are not limited to, the standards set forth in the ServSafe Program established by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, or other programs recognized by the food service industry and the department.

a. Instructors/trainers shall meet the criteria established by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association or other instructor/trainer requirements established by the food service industry and the department.

b. The department shall approve training programs administered or approved by another state, political subdivision, or other jurisdiction with standards that meet or exceed those established in this Code.

2. The individual must pass a written exam approved by the department before qualifying for the certificate. This test will meet the standards as described in Paragraph 1 above.

3. The individual must submit a completed application to the department with:

a. satisfactory evidence that he/she has completed an approved training program which includes passing a written examination; and

b. a $25 fee for each certificate.
EXCEPTION: All state and local government employees are exempt from this fee.

4. Upon receipt and approval of the documentation and fee described in Paragraph 3 above, the department shall then issue a food safety certificate to the applicant.

private clubs where food is prepared and served exclusively for member consumption; religious or charitable food sales;
any establishment that heats or prepares boudin or sausage for personal consumption; a bar or lounge that serves beverages only;

temporary and seasonal establishments;
nursing facilities;
public, private, or parochial schools;
elderly nutrition meal sites which do not prepare meals; and child care facilities.

The owner or a designated food service employee of a child care facility shall be required to complete one

5. The permit holder shall display a current state food safety certificate in a location in the food establishment conspicuous to the public.

D. Certificates from the department shall be required to be renewed every five years for a $25 fee. A person shall pass another written exam as described in Paragraph 2, Subsection C above before the certificate is renewed.

E. No parish or municipality in Louisiana shall enforce any ordinance or regulation requiring a food establishment or any of its employees to complete a food safety training program or test.